My first ever scene using Hitfilm many aeons ago

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  • That's pretty good :)

    If you worked on the camera move and used better textures for things like the car and the box you would have a decent opening for an 'introduction to Doctor Who' style thing.

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    thanks man but you must remember that this was the very first thing i did within hitfilm years ago, it was more of a case of getting used to its different approach with its u.i.

    my first thought was "how do i get to the nodes"  to later realise that it doesn't work like that.

    but at a learning stage for this software it was a case of working it out so there was no room for perfection or detail. 

    on a plus side that was a weeks worth of using hitfilm from discovering it!


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    That's actually still a very nice shot. It's got a good camera move on it, some nice lighting and I like the rain. It's got lower quality models and textures than you're using these days, but, if you were to load this up in HFP3 and replace some of the elements with your current versions, this would become an excellent shot.