Another brilliant shortfilm - Escape from City 17

Lots of good short films out there. This is another one. It's story is from the Half Life universe. Lots of special effects too.
Escape from City 17 - part one:

Escape from City 17 - part two: (some says this is the best of the two)


  • Professional visuals, but zero story. :(
  • DanielMorgan
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    Watched this ages ago, it was a very good short. It takes advantage of Half life 2s story Esteves, though if you dont know what Half life is , it might not make any sense :D
  • Lovin the VFX man!!! Quick Q though... "What program did you do the motion track with?"
    It looked super professional!!!
  • SimonKJones
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    I loved part 1 when it came out and just saw part 2 today. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say that I was very disappointed. :( The story is flimsy, the editing needs some serious tightening (part 2 should probably be about 4 minutes long, not 16 minutes), the sound mix is all over the place and the VFX, while ambitious, have some very, very strange compositing issues.
    There's a cool short film to be found in part 2, but I'm quite surprised it was released in this form. A much shorter and more focused edit would have given them the time to put more quality control into the VFX.
  • guitar74
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    They put some money into it!
  • Aculag
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    I have to agree with Simon on this one... Part two is just a complete mess. What a waste.
  • @VisiontestLab: Clearly, I did not make it! I just saw them on the net and wanted to share it with the forum users. I would have made a much better movie of course!!! :D Naah, just kidding, I would not have been able to make such a good looking movie.
    I did not so much look on the story and such, but I can agree that some of the effects was not to successfull, compositing might be the problem. Their muzzle flashes wasnt too good, just to mention one thing. Not always, but several times!
  • StrikeEmStudios
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    I saw part one ages ago, the compositing for the set extensions is stunning in both of them, but some of the simplest effects like the muzzle flashes, and the rocket launcher were poorly done, considering the makers are obviously skilled.
    I found the camera work far too shaky in parts (I don't often have issues with handheld), but the scale of the sets and detail sell the films. Like a lot of other people i have to agree that part two was too long and the sound design was messy.
    I don't know how much they spent on part two, but it must have been fairly high, shame they didn't give it the polish it deserved.
  • I think they used 250 USD on part two. But im not 100% sure.
    In this clip they talk about the making of the movie:
  • DanielMorgan
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    There was some unconventional editing in part 2 . I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing (Star wars any one :D?) But it doesn't work here.

  • I like this one better.
  • I find it hard to be so critical of others peoples work, especially since they spent time developing these visual works. The work is good, and sure there are flaws, I have never seen anyone make anything that did not have flaws.
    He without flaws, throws the first flaw :)
    It is hard to put yourself out there and show people anything, and then get hit by criticism.
    I see other peoples work as learning tools. From them I see what I would like to try, and what I might do differently. Sometimes they inspire me, or not!
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