Profesional Editing Storyboard picon viewer interface

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First of all I am not talking about a beginner interface ,far from that.Its an interface that will greatly speed up and flexible editing in a way  unknown most professional editors.

Avid had up-to version 4 what they called a picon viewer which was excellent for fast editing. and so did cinegy extreme

Here is what I t  was:

1;On the interface there would be  a tab called timeline view.

2. when its selected the interface changes to a bin like image

3- in the image we see the whole timeline in picons in a row and column format (like boxes withe the clip image and space between picons)

4- here we can  change the order of the clips  by sliding.  them around moving the clip and placing it in the space between the picon and this will slide all the clips to the right. If you want to replace just drag the clip from anywhere and by placeing it on the clip you are eliminating, the one under. to delete just seclect and delete. to copy just copy and paste

5-What ever is done in this view will reflect immediately on the timeline and vs a vs

6- example after completing the timeline you can can add the opening and closing and tags.

7- you can do most all you can do in the timeline but faster and efficient.-

8- if you are doing a photo montage with many photos this would be great

9- If you need to try different  see variation of a sequence this will make it faster

10 this could be a killer interface for events, wedding commercials and films

Please consider this. It will greatly differentiate  hitfilm from anything in the market;