"File Cannot Initialize for Export"?

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It says I can't export because the file might be open in another program, or because I do not have the right permissions. The file is not open in another program, and I can export other videos just fine. It's just this one project file that will not let me export at all. Please respond as soon as possible.


  • rgbii
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    You'll probably get better responses if you give more information. The specific error you got.  Maybe a screen shot of the error.  Are you sure the file you are trying to export to isn't included in the project?

    If the project can't export at all, maybe include a copy of the project so others can take a look.

  • Kadri
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    "...can't export because the file might be open in another program" I had kind of a similar problem where i could do what i wanted only after a restart of Windows. Closing other programs wasn't enough in that position probably and needed a restart of Windows. Not sure if this is any help.

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    Yup, first thing I'd try is restarting the pc. Are you able to export if you change the file name in the export screen to a filename that doesn't exist yet?

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