ZORDON OF ELTAR | Power Rangers Reboot Prequel fan film

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Some of you might remember me. I started this project not knowing a lick about visual effects. Not a lick at all. Over a decade ago I tried working with After Effects and it just sucked. Not user friendly at all. We had Hitfilm 2 Ultimate at my job and I was able to catch on. I took my noob skills and things I learned from the Hitfilm tutorials to make this fan film. It has been eighteen months since I started working on this and you can definitely tell the progression the project has taken. It's a little rough around the edges at parts but I'm proud of what a completely inexperienced person could do thanks to this program. 

Me and my co-worker chipped in together to purchase Hitfilm 3 and it definitely helped. Now that the film is finished I'd really like to fine tune some skills. Ultimately, I'd like to have a VFX team do this kind of stuff. Until then I'm the only person I can count on. Which is why I forced myself to learn so I could make my films.


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    I'm only about a half-hour in so far, and I'm going to have to go back to the top to watch this on my PC or TV and not my tablet, but I've been looking forward to this since your first teaser trailers came up about a year ago.

    I'm not disappointed. You have a good story going on here, and this is a nice prequel to MMPR. I think you've handled the source material with a lot of respect, and, frankly, I think this is far better than Power/Rangers (let's be honest, Power/Rangers, without the names of familiar characters, once shot of Kimberly's helmet and one shot of Rita, wouldn't have been identifiable as a Power Rangers film--it would have been some generic post-apocalyptic short film).

    Sure, some FX shots are better than others, but the film has a real sense of style around it, and, as you noted, this is an 18 month passion project. Your FX work to tell the story and that's the important thing.

    Look forward to your next project--and I'll just say that I also liked "Charm City Ghostbusters" a lot as well.

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