How to transfer projects

Hello, I was wondering how I would manage to transfer my project I have on my Mac, to another account of HitFilm I have on a Windows computer? I tried setting the options to "Use files with relative paths" but that didn't seem to work. 


  • MistyJohnson
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    The project can be transfer to the PC but please be aware of that both computer will need the same version of HitFilm and that you will want to have all the media for the project go with the project. You may depending on organization need to relink the media. 

  • I do have the current version of HitFilm 3 Pro on both computers. So I need to have all of the media for my project on both computers for it to work?

  • Hendo
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    Yes, the HitFilm application on both computers needs to be able to access those media files. The HitFilm project file (hfp) stores paths (references) to the media files on your computer -- it doesn't store a copy of the files themselves as part of the project.

    If you're transferring from Mac to PC (not wanting to keep working on the same project from both computers) then you can copy the media files across to your PC and then delete them from your Mac. When you open the HitFilm project on PC it will ask you to locate those media files unless it found them automatically.

  • Triem23
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    To add a quick clarification to what Hendo writes--video, audio, and outside graphics are not stored in an hfp file--just pointers to the file locations--but 3D model geometry (NOT textures, just geometry) IS stored in the hfp file.

    But yes, in general, the media files need to be on the computer opening the projects. In ANY NLE it's usually good practice to copy an outside asset to your project's file folder anyway--let's say I'm using a piece of music from my standard library... when using it in a project, I'll usually copy the music file to my project folder. Yes, I end up with another copy of the music file, but, when I back up the project for storage or move it to another computer, or have to come back to an old project after several years (and that happens) it's a lot easier to find all the old assets if they were backed up to the project folder to start with. :-)

  • Ok, thanks! Really appreciate the information!