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Any way to remap the zoom and scroll for the timeline?
ctrl+mouse scroll to scroll left right
alt+mouse scroll to zoom in out
This is typical way in most 3d and 2d appz . Its reverse in hf.

Also smaller fonts for the gui tabs is possible?


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    partially same as Vegas!
    So please don't change (best choice ....... at least for me Ah Ah)

    but agreed,  personalization always best!

  • chibi
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    vegas and hf are reversed with scroll and zoom.
    would be great if they were similar.
    3d appz curve editor also reverse with hf.

  • chibi
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    Ram Preview is locked up to 4096mb.
    I still have lots of free ram for preview but hf can't use it and can't preview a 1min clip.  Is hf3 only 32 bit?

  • Triem23
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    The devs might have set a 4GB RAM preview cap for semi-arbitrary reasons, but if you can allocate 4GB for a RAM preview, obviously Hitfilm is 64-bit, since it's giving you a full 32-bits of RAM address for previews along with all the other overhead Hitfilm has going on. 

    Hey, how much GPU RAM do you have? Maybe your GPU's RAM is setting the RAM preview limit? 

  • chibi
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    Ah I forgot 32bit limit is 2gb. Its been too long since I switched to 64bit. :)
    The ram preview limit is in hf3 preference. Max is 4096. I checked the taskbar and it would consistently stop around 4gig usage for hf but I still had plenty of ram unused.  I looked for the setting after my ram previews kept pausing and there it is in preference.

  • Robin
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    HitFilm is 64bit, there isn't even a 32bit version anymore like there was with earlier version. And yes, the 4GB limit is indeed arbitrary, I had that confirmed by someone from the team in another thread, though they didn't know exactly if there were any technical reasons for it. Hoping to see that limit removed or at least expanded in a future version.

  • chibi
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    Lifting the 4GB limit would be cool. The ram preview is realtime and very useful.

    Here's another tweak. I wonder why the ui won't let me pull down this window all the way down? Its a bit annoying to have a very small view of the main viewport because I can't pull down this area any further. Wierd thing is I can't pull it up very high either when I want to look for a layer down there.  UI seems a bit rigid.

  • chibi
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    This is how my layout actually is when I want more screenspace because I can't pull down that area downwards anymore.

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    @Chibi - I agree it would be nice if it could be pulled down more. if you have a second monitor, you can undock and move it to it

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