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Hi! I am trying to create a group icon for deviantART, and my ultimate goal is to get the particles to loop so that they end up where they were at the beginning and don't cause the GIF to jump. I've button pushed, googled, tutorial searched, and still haven't found what I'm looking for.

I'd ideally like to have the built-in aurora borealis effect loop (which eliminates the Frame option that I still haven't figured out).

If the answer is obvious, I'm sorry. I'm pretty new to HitFilm and things are a bit confusing still.

Thanks in advance!


  • rgbii
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    It might help to see what you're trying to do.  

    If it's not a lot of particles, why not keyframe them manually so they end up at the right spot.

    Another option is half way through, reverse it.

    I'm sure if you show an example, you'll get more suggestions.

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    Another option is to set up two copies of the particle effect with a time offset. So for example, create a two second long particle effect that starts and ends in two seconds. so, no particles on frame 0, and no particles left after two seconds. Duplicate it, and offset the copy by one second. If you then rendered out the section from 1:00 to 1:29 (assuming 30fps), you would have a one second particle effect that was identical on the first and last frames, thus being entirely loopable.

    I haven't actually tried this yet, but the theory feels sound.

    EDIT: tested it, and yes, it does indeed work as I expected.

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    Another way to go is Atomic Particles. The built-in Aurora Borealis particle sim effect builds a kind of rippling cloud-type effect, yes? 

    Ok, so while the Particle Sim is inherently random in how it spawns particles, Atomic starts with a grid which is deformed by fractal equations, so, if you add some displacement and dispersion in the Fractal controls for Atomic you should be able to set the wavelength parameter to generate a two-second loop (0.5 would be the correct number, I think). 

    Remember, you can assign a particle shape in Atomic, so you can use the built-in Aurora Borealis textures. 

  • Thank you for all your help, especially on so little description! I got it working. ^-^

  • Triem23
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    Nice! How did you end up building it? 

  • Axel that's brilliant! I would have never thought of that.