Mortal Kombat X-ray effect

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hey hitfilm comunity, it's been a while since I've been on this page so I thought I'd ask one of my classic 'game effect' questions. I am planning to make a short motral kombat fight scene and I want an X-ray to occur during this, how could I make this possible using hitfilm 3 pro.  And one more thing, my actor will shot on a green screen for the X-ray sequence, I just need to know how to make the actual effect or Tips on how to. 

As always all comments and suggestions are appreciated, thank you.


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    The tricky part is going to be animating the skeleton layers. You're either going to have to chop apart 2D skeleton pictures, hook all the joints up to point rigs and animate that, or you're going to have to download a jointed 3D skeleton model, rig it's joints to a point rig and animate THAT.

    You might be able to motion track body parts (say, a forearm) and use those tracks to partially automate animating the skeleton.

    As far as the "X-Ray" part--well, that's adding some color grades to the actor layer to make him blue or green, maybe some glows, maybe some overlays or an edge detection, and lowering the opacity of the actor layer.

    Look at the staging of the shot when you're on set. If you shoot your actor from shoulder height or so and he's side-on to the camera, like IN a fighting game your animation will be a lot easier than if he's, say, shot at a low angle in a 3/4 shot where he's doing a full jumping spin kick.

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    I misses your genuis detailed ideas Triem23! I'll have a crack at it! Thank you!