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First off, I'll cut to the's the new video. 

OK, so - to explain! I've been working on a new solo recording project for the past couple of years that gets away from the usual ambient stuff I'd been releasing: a good ol' fashioned prog-rock sci-fi concept album. Only instead of doing one album, I decided to release it as a kind of multi-part "serial" album, an EP of 3-6 tracks or so at a time (otherwise, it might not get finished until it really IS 2063! LOL).

And from the start, I wanted videos to play a major part in telling the story. But I wanted to only provide bits and pieces of visuals in the manner of movie trailers or TV series commercials - show just enough to get the viewer's ideas flowing, and then let their imagination "fill in the blanks" for everything else. This was based on my experience of how often I'd see a killer-looking movie trailer where my own imagination took a guess at how the final story would look, only to be sorely dissapointed when I saw the final release (cough Prometheus cough Blair Witch Project cough).

I actually started working up the ideas for the visuals in this teaser video when I first started recording the music a few years ago - which was before I started using HitFilm and had the tools to be able to create such imagery. HitFilm gave me the ability to finally recreate these images I'd been seeing in my head all this time, and after quite a few months worth of staying up late bleary-eyed working on it, I'm thrilled to say that they turned out EXACTLY as I always imaged. 

I'm still rocking HFU2 on this - I wanted to finish the stuff I've been working on before upgrading to HF3 - and also used Sony Vegas Movie Studio 12 for editing, Vue Studio for 3D landscape/cityscape creation, Blender, and trusty ol' BluffTitler for text stuff. Live footage was shot using my Panasonic Lumix FZ200 except for one intentionally low-fi bit where I used a Logitech webcam...because the scene is supposed to be seen through a webcam. LOL

For those interested in the audio side of things, I also played all the instruments, sang, and worked up the sound design (in there are mutated sounds I captured from my fridge, my office elevator, a wall clock, field recordings in Virginia and in my back yard, the pump from one of our cat water-fountains...LOL) mainly using Cakewalk Sonar as my DAW of choice.

The Part 1 EP, for which is video is centered, I'm hoping to have released by August at the latest.




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