Sony Creative Software Royalty Free music: A review

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As part of my Sony Vegas purchase I received a link for 25 free songs from Sony. Normally each song costs $9.95 and includes the full song track as well as 10, 30 and 60 second clips. The songs are divided into a variety of genres including cinematic. There is currently 1660 songs in their library. Sounds great so far right. Now here are the drawbacks. Sony only allows a limited license usage meaning they keep the copyright. This means you can't use it for your film if you're wanting to go commercial. If you listen to all the songs to find the ones you want you have the 1660 songs on 111 pages. No problem you say but in order to prevent people downloading the songs right from the preview page they've installed an annoying beeping sound at approximately 5-10 second intervals throughout the music. The songs themselves are a mix of blues, jazz, hip-hop, rock, country and everything in between. One or two songs are almost all generated electronic noise and not enjoyable to listen to. The big thing I've found is that it seems some of the composers are fond of inserting dissonant noises where none are required and many of the more orchestral songs are pitched too high to be comfortable. Some songs merge synthesizers with other instruments with the synth overpowering the rest of the music. There are a  few good songs on here. Few have vocals apart from a few uh-uh's in the hip-hop songs. Is it worth it to pay $9:95 per song. Don't think so. The song's I have downloaded will likely only be used as suggestions of the style of music I want on my projects.  Without the ability to use the songs royalty free regardless of commercial context it just doesn't seem worth it. But that's just my opinion. If you do download songs from the site I suggest you read the License information very carefully. :)


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    "Sony only allows a limited license usage meaning they keep the copyright. This means you can't use it for your film if you're wanting to go commercial. "

    Could you comment further on why you think you can't use the music in commercial productions?  I just read the EULA and it seems pretty straightforward to me.  But.. maybe I overlooked some little snag.

    "Sony Creative Software, as Licensor, grants to you, the Licensee, a limited, nonexclusive right to use the Production Music in your own original multimedia productions without restriction."

    They go on to explain that you are buying a license to use the music in your production, but that they -- not you -- own the music itself, and therefore they alone have the right to distribute/sell the music rights.  They even mention how cue sheets are to be filled out, implying the music can be used for broadcast.

    But I agree about the selection -- I bought the Vegas upgrade with "25 free songs" and listened to a bunch of them, but haven't downloaded any yet.

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    The beeps annoy the living snot out of me. I have spent a lot of time trying to find something that sounds better than the tracks that came with my electronic drum kit and to be honest, have struggled to do so.

    I would be very surprised you cannot use these commercially at $10 a song. O.o would like more clarification there.

    Worth it if you upgraded Vegas to get some hitfilm goodness, otherwise, not one bit IMO.

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    Got Vega because I'm used to using it as my nle. And really like their audio software Soundforge. And yes my package came with Hitfilm which i already owned.  None of the other packages came with the editor suite and the audio. As to the music, I'd rather license from musicians than Sony for songs.