Coin Toss - Short

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Just completed my second video on my channel. I would love some feedback! 


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    This certainly tells a near-complete story in a short amount of time. It's edited well,  and I like the way the fastforward logo crossed to the first coin. 

    So. You need to add black at the end. The cliffhanger needs a moment to settle. The first time through I thought Youtube crashed. 

    With the man looking through the folders at the beginning, that does establish a motivation, but I think we need to see the "victim" pages and the reaction to that. You just need to shoot a few inserts of that and cut into what you already have. It gives this more reason to understand your protagonist. Also, let's assume you go with female--your three basic choices are older, same age, child, which leads to assume mother, wife, daughter, all of which have different meanings. 

    What did you shoot with, and how did you make the coin? I have some grading suggestions, but it would help to know how you did it. 

    This is good. It needs another pass to get to very good. Maybe great! This is your second video, and you're jist gonna get better. Be proud of this. 


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    Thanks for the feedback! And yeah, the ending was very quick. I definitely should've had the final shot longer and it cut to black. Also, the story isn't too strong. I loved your suggestions and wished I had added more. I shot with a Canon t2i 40mm lens. The coin was made by my friend who just made a coin flipping on a black background. I simply overlayed it using the alpha channel. Again, thanks for helping me out!!

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    @Triem23 I found a 3D model of a coin, changed the texture in Photoshop, imported it into HitFilm and used a Point to rotate and move it closer to the Camera.

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