Hitfilm 3 Pro Classes

I live in Visalia, CA which is in the central valley of California. I am looking for someone in my area to teach me how to use hitfilm. I have a small production company called i-film4u and I want to do more special effects on my films. If your in my area please let me know.


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    Before going for a one on one class I recommend that you review the Lynda.com  Hitfilm3 Course.  I found it extremely comprehensive and I feel it would provide a strong foundation that would be needed before exploring complicated SFX.  You could also cobble together a bunch of youtube tutorials for the same information but, for someone new, the Lynda.com tutorial is much more convenient.   If you choose the premium  plan $34.00  you can download all the files used in the tutorials



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    Bob raises a great point. Private lessons from someone solid enough to give comprehensive lessons one-on-one is going to charge you a lot more than $30 for an 8-hour course. 

  • Both of you are right. I would love to work with someone one on one but I know it will cost me. I will check out that site today. Thanks for the quick response. 

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    And of course we do have hundreds of free tutorials on our YouTube channel which, while they don't cover everything, will give you a good idea of the basics - and will give you a few more advanced special effects to try out.