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Hello, I have been using HitFilm 3 Pro for a while and have narrowed down most of the tricks and techniques, but one that is stumping me is how to make people disappear. I am filming a short film in a couple weeks and in one scene one of the characters is supposed to disappear. I have watched Simon Jones object removal tutorial and he mentioned that if you took a shot of the object and a shot of the same background without the object that it would be a lot easier to edit. How would I go about making that work with HitFilm? 


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    There are a tons of ways, it all comes down to what the result should look like. So you should explain what you want to achieve in the end. 

    The most easy way would be to mask out your actor. So put the empty layer at the bottom and the one with the actor on top. Draw a mask and animate the path. As I said, this is the easiest way. 

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    The easiest way, as I mention in that tutorial, is simply to do a cut. In shot 1 the actor is there, and in shot 2 he isn't. Keep the camera in the same position, and on the cut the person vanishes.

    As Stephans indicates, the specific technique to use depends entirely on the exact style you're going for. Let us know more! :)

  • The way I was hoping for it to go is since the character is waking up from a dream I want the character to sort of fade out, I don't want him to just instantly be cut. 

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    Just do a dissolve between your clean shot without the person and the shot with.    Key item is not to move the camera between shots.

    Once you have your two sources you can do any kind of transition.  Doesn't have to be a fade/dissolve necessarily.

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    The basics have already been covered by others--lock your camera, shoot two plates, use opacity keyframes to diss9to the clean plate. 

    Just for fun, Steven Oliver did this fun little video showing a whole bunch of teleport effects you can do in Hitfilm. 

  • Ok, thanks! I did the two shot cross dissolve technique and it worked perfectly! 

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    what you could have also done is film 2 shots, with the camera locked down. The first one as a clean plate, the second with your actor. then you could mask you actor, apply ATOMIC PARTICLES to that, and set the different parameters to your own taste. For example you could play with the disperse to make the character disappear into fragments, or on top of that add a fractal noise to give it a distorted disappearing effect. could even use audio interaction for fun!

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