Quicktime Crash with twice smaller project file

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I hate to make just another post about this topic but I feel like I really have to, and you guys have helped a great deal in the past.

So, I decided to split up my project in two, each 3 minutes long, because QT couldn't handle it anymore and would crash and disappear 75% of the time I opened the projectfile. 

- After the split (and backups ofcourse) I deleted all the imported footage that's not used in both split projects.

However, when opening the first half (I called it A) I can see FXMediaQTServer (Quicktime)'s processor use rise to 30%, which is normal and normally settles to 0 if you wait for it to load the project, BUT then it either...

1 just remains around 30, when using the editor, the editor crashes. After that, I have to manually close QT in taskmanager or it will keep going.
or 2, QT quits, editor is usable but of course you can't see videos.

Project A is around 3:51 minutes long (content) and B 3:05.

It doesn't make sense to me that halving the content would increase the problems.

What can I do? (SSD, @ my other topic, is cleaned up)



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