How is that possible to play Blu-ray on Mac?

I don't even know it is possible to play Blu-ray on Mac now. I just heard it is. But how?


  • Triem23
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    It... Hasn't been possible to play Blu-ray on Macs? Really? 

    Man, so glad I am a PC guy. 

  • Simes
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    Apple wasn't interested in supporting them officially because the licensing was such a mess, so Macs have never had built-in Blu-Ray drives. I can't say I've missed them terribly. External USB blu-ray drives have of course been available for ages.

  • monica66
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    It is difficult for Mac to support Blu-ray movie directly. Have a try to rip Blu-rays into iTunes format so that you can play the BD movies easily. Good luck!

  • Triem23
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    I don't get it... Blu-ray is just a blue laser reading binary-encoded AVCHD video with some Javascript for menu functions. This is standard tech! Is this just Apple being grumpy about not wanting to pay Sony royalties over Sony/Panasonic owned things? Apple only likes proprietary when it's Apple owned, I guess? 

  • AxelWilkinson
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    I think its more that Apple is trying to move everything to web/cloud-based solutions, and have largely done away with optical drives entirely in their latest machines. They would like all software to come from the App store, all entertainment to come through iTunes, etc. And while this does offer major advantages, to both Apple and the end user, I think they are a bit premature in abandoning optical drives. I mean, its very very rare that I need to put a disk in my Mac, but the few times a year that I need to, I'm glad to have a machine that still has that option.

  • Aladdin4d
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    Playback of protected Blu-ray discs can be a hot mess with all the different copy protection schemes in play and the licensing for all of them is over and above anything going to Sony. There's HDCP which nominally requires HDCP compliant displays so that means extra licensed hardware and licensing fees going to Intel. Next there's the Advanced Access Content System with licensing fees. Then you have BD+ which has licensing fees and requires hardware to implement and finally there's BD Mark which requires licensed hardware to put the mark on a disc but I don't think anything special is required to read a marked disc. 

    All of the schemes other than BD Mark have the ability to revoke encryption keys making commercial discs unplayable until the player is updated with new keys. For a software player it's just an update. For standalone players that means a firmware update.

    Put it all together and the long term cost of supporting Blu-ray playback in an OS becomes a pretty expensive proposition not to mention a vendor can be blacklisted if their hardware/software isn't secure enough and decryption keys can be extracted from their implementation. WinDVD wasn't blacklisted but several keys for the Advanced Access Content System were extracted from it because the player protection was so weak.

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    @Triem23: when you are in Apple ecosystem, you are strictly forbidden to think about buying content outside of iTunes ;)

    That is a joke, of course, but not far from true, I'm afraid.  Licensing fees connected to hardware are nothing and probably every needed component is included in Apple machines, as they are assembled from third party components, just like PCs.

    So, it is just a business model.


  • emma24xia
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    Usually Mac does not equip with a Blu-ray disc driver, so in order to playback Blu-ray on your Mac, you need a Blu-ray disc driver. And then not all Blu-rays are allowed to be played even though with a disc driver. So the best solution to watch Blu-ray on Mac is to make a copy of your Blu-ray and then play it with media player on Mac.

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