Windows 10 releasing July 29th

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It looks like the hammer will be falling in a little less than 2 months. It was with fear and trepidation that I went ahead and signed on to the upgrade (from Windows 7). I'm a little nervous about all my software working properly with the new OS.

What thoughts do you have on the Windows 10 Giveaway?


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    Every 2'nd version of Windows seems to be fine. Microsoft begins a new paradigm, it's terrible, then the next version works. 

    95 was ok, 98 was solid. 

    2000/ME was terrible, XP was good. 

    Vista was a bad joke, 7 was the pinnacle of Windows. 

    8 was a noble experiment designed by teams that forgot to design for what the user base had, not what the dev team had (8 isn't bad on a touchscreen, but the PC paradigm is still keyboard and mouse). 

    Given the pattern, Windows 10 should actually end up being good. 

    That said, the software industry tends to release software before it's ready, and new versions of Windows are bug-ridden and seriously flawed until service pack 1.

  • emma24xia
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    Is there any official information about the compatibility between HTF and windows 10 OS?

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    @emma24xia I have the tech preview of Win10 installed on a notebook, and HitFilm runs on it without problems. It's slow, but the hardware is to blame for that rather than the OS :D Generally, most programs that ran under 8 (or 7, or even vista) will run under 10. Windows always did a great job when it comes to binary compatibility (i.e. the ability to run programs written and compiled for earlier OS versions).

    Apart from HitFilm, I like what Microsoft is doing with 10. They've worked a lot of nice new things into it, learning from previous failures (*cough*startmenu*cough*). But meh, I guess my opinion is not the most representative, as I neither had big problems with Vista nor 8 :D

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    We're actively testing HF in Win10, and will let you guys know if we come across any problems. Thus far, all is good.

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    Robin- I actually have an old copy of Word 2003 that I'm running on Windows 8.1. I was surprised it worked.

    Once I got used to W8.1 and the full page start menu I didn't think it was all that bad but I did not like W8 at all. Too many aps and no way to get rid of the ones I wouldn't be using. So when 8.1 came around and returned to a more desktop based design I was appeased for the time being. I never have gotten the sleep, hibernate or the screen saver to work properly in 8.1 nor do my keyboard or mouse shut down with the computer (I've tried every USB port so the keyboard and mouse thing might be a mother board issue).

    I'm looking forward to W10 not because it's free or because of all the bells and whistles included but rather I'm banking that T23 is correct and it will be far more stable than 8 or 8.1. I hope some of the flexibility of the personalization settings will be returned too. I don't like my computer looking like anyone else's.....just because.


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    I've seen some of the previews of Windows 10, appearance doesn't seem too much different than Windows 8.1 Still too much based toward smart phones and tablets and less on PC. They should have done a split with the software. One for smart phones and tablets and one for pcs so we wouldn't have to put up with the stupid apps page.

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    Except the entire point of Windows 8/10 is to unify the OS across mobile and PC platforms. 

    Windows 10 fixes the biggest issue with 8(.1), namely that Metro stuff is now, you know, in a WINDOW, not full-screen. And the Start Menu is back by default. Either way, 10 is still based off the Vista kernal. 

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    some project files*cought* (.mov)*cought* will not open on windows 10. Even with QuickTime downloaded

  • Robin
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    @EnmanuelLopez What are you talking about? .mov files are video files, not project files. And neither any video files nor any project files suddenly stopped working under Windows 10. This is probably something wrong with you specific setup.

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    @Triem23 Quote: "10 is still based off the Vista kernal", you sure, Vista is and was a pile of smelly pooh, more likely it's windows 7?

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    @Andy001z Careful, don't mix up the kernel with the whole OS. The kernel is just the core of the system that handles all the technical stuff - think multithreading, hardware coordination and so on. Vista might have been smelly, but that was largely due to the stuff happening above the kernel, at the level the user actually sees. And that part can be altered and replaced quite easily without actually touching the kernel.

    Windows Vista had the internal Version code 6.0 - all following version were just point increments, with Windows 7 being 6.1, Windows 8 being 6.2 and 8.1 actually being 6.3. That's a hint at how much of the Vista Core was still present in those versions. And while Windows 10 marks the first big jump since Vista (10 is actually the new kernel version number), it's still based on the Vista kernel in large parts.