Solid State Drive clogging up

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Hey guys, I'm having a little issue at the moment.

Finishing up my film, my Hitfilm 2 Express projects suddenly wouldn't open anymore. I found my 101 GB SSD, where Windows 8, Hitfilm and Quicktime are installed was suddenly full. I moved something out of it, clearing 13GB, but in only 2 or 3 days it's already back at 6GB. 

The amount GB remaining  used to be solid, but nowadays it always decreases. The only thing I've been doing is using HitFilm 2 Express and Chrome, and haven't installed anything on the SDD.

I'm linking the filling up of the SSD with HitFilm because it would decrease around 500MB each time I opened a project, sometimes after closing it came back, and sometimes not at all. The amounts varied a lot.

The FXHome and Quicktime folders have meanwhile NOT changed sizes.
In a few days I'll have to move something out of the SDD again and I can't keep doing this forever, obviously.

What's causing this? I appreciate any ideas.


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    Windows cache and temp file. Any time you're dealing with more data than you have RAM (and with video, you usually are) Windows starts shifting things around to and from your drive. You can always kill anything on the drive with a ".tmp" extension, and you may want to look at where Windows 8 puts cache and tmp/temp folders. 

    To reiterate, it's always safe to delete cache and temp files--the OS and software will rebuild as needed. And cache files add up fast. Also, delete any Hitfilm proxies you aren't using. Those are huge. 

    Finally, by current standards, 100GB is a tiny drive. If you have any budget, consider upgrading your drive. 

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    101Gb is really not very big. Do you have another internal drive? If so try changing the settings where Chrome and Windows stores their temp files. On my system all temp files, cache, and autoback ups  are stored on a separate drive.

    Move your media and project files to a separate drive. Again I have an internal drive dedicated to video. Some others on the forum may be able to tell you if there is a fast reliable USB external drive that may work well.

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    Check amount of space consumed by Windows restore points.  If this is the cause,  you can delete restore points data using advanced disk cleanup. You can also reduce the max space available to store restore points, using disk management console.


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    Ugh, Windows restore. Great tip. Those eat space. 

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    Having hibernation enabled can eat a up big chunk too. CCleaner Free is a pretty good tool if you aren't comfortable digging through all the places temp files are stashed

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    CCleaner is an excellent tool! It gets rid of unused links in the registry too.

    I would go with a HDD drive for storage. Then save files to that drive. I have a 128GB SSD and a 4 terabyte HDD. I went with Seagate as it's cheaper than most and extremely reliable. A 1 terabyte drive should last a long time too.

    For external storage I would recommend Seagate as well.  

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    For external drivea, make certain it's at least 7200rpm and USB 3 or eSata if you have that port. eSata is better for video work than USB 3, but it's harder to find (and fewer computers have that port.)

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    Hi all, thanks for so many replies, I´ll look into it tonight. I do have to add that of course I have stored all my projects and videos on my 2TB HDD. 

    The only things I have on the SSD are Windows, HitFilm 2 Express and other programs best  installed there, like other photo and video editing software.

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    Thanks @Triem23 I checked the .tmp and TEMP folders and got rid of those, seemed to be worth around 15GB's, 4500+ items.... I'm really lost without you guys.