3D Model Textures not showing when used as Particle

HafgandilHafgandil Website User Posts: 3

Hello everybody,

I really could not find anything to solve my problem and it came to my mind that it may not be possible (which seems strange).

When I import a 3D model with Textures and all, it shows fully textured when put into the composite timeline. Now, when I set it up as a texture source for a particle system, the "generated" 3D particles are grey models without the texture. I can imagine it would need a lot of process power to calculate all the texture with high numbers of particles, but from all the fancy pictures which advertised the new awesome system you really can't tell that it could't process the textures of the 3D model. Please prove me wrong on this. (by the way, I just tried to create coin rain with textured coins)





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