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Could Hitfilm support team or someone else provide a project file or a  tutorial to create something like this with the latest version of Hitfilm ?



I was never able to reproduce this scene with Hitfilm 2...  I was hoping that Hitfilm support team could provide the source file...


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    You should go to (bookmark) this thread:

    Scroll down to the particle sim tutorials and look at "Anatomy of a particle sim" and "Advanced 3D Particle Behaviors," as well as "Advanced Particle Physics 1 & 2."

    These are Hitfilm Ultimate 2 tutorials, but the controls and techniques are identical in Pro 3.

    These tutorials will show you how to set up Deflectors and Forces.

    In the Hitfilm 1.1 video you link, a cube emitter was created. Looks like it's particles had a movement speed of zero. A cubical "Detractor" force was placed around the cube emitter and keyframed to go from a strength of 0 to something much higher for the explosion. A Deflector plane was used as the floor, and some small cubical "Attraction" forces placed around the world. The "Time Scale" slider in the particle sim's "General" properties was used for the speed ramping. Probably keyframed from 100% to 0 and back. 

    Exact recreation would probably depend on getting the original project file, but I don't know if a Hitfilm 1 file would open in 3. Since the texture system changed in 2, I doubt it. Particle physics, ultimately, require a certain amount of playing with settings. 

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