Unrolled 3D and Glow Effect ... HOW?


I have to make a scene with 2 3D Models. Until this time I used glow effect for lightnings on the Models in normal 3D Mode. So but now I have the problem, that I have to work with 2 models in 3D unrolled mode, but in that mode I can not put the effect on the models. I need it. But in the normal 3D mode i have the problem that the models only work with overlay ... this ship is flying to a crane which grap the ship and this effect will only work in 3D unrolled. I hope I only do smoething wrong, so I hope someone can give me a hint :)   There was a tutorial video for Hitfilm 3 where someone showed the difference between the two 3D modes by a spaceship with flame effects on the engines but I didn`t find it anymore :(


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    In the video you're thinking of the flames didn't have any glow effects on them.

    3D Unrolled layers don't allow effects to be directly added. This has to do with the way Hitfilm renders the layer stack. I shan't elaborate at this time, but there are vaild technical reasons. 

    I intend to do a tutorial on what I am about to attempt to explain, but for now, hopefully this will make sense:

    In the media pool, duplicate both your 3D models. Change material settings for one model to have no texture or specular maps. Change it's diffuse, specular and emissive colors to pure white. Do the same to the other model, but pure black. 

    Duplicate your main composite (with your model animation) and remove everything but the models and your camera rigs from the duplicate. Create a black plane (2D) as a background layer. Move your black/white models into the comp and align/parent them to the originals. Hide the originals. 

    Now you should see a white silhouette of one model cut out by black when it moves behind the other. 

    Return to your main comp and bring the duplicate in as an embedded comp. Hide this layer (you might want to proxy this comp shot). 

    Change your main model layers back to 2D layers. Put the model with the white duplicate on top and add a Set Matte effect. Tell the Set Matte to use the embedded comp as the Matte Source. Luma Matte. Replace. 

    What you have done is use a 3D Unrolled copy to create an occlusion map for a 2D copy. 

    Now you can add your glows. 

    Make sense? Hope this helps. 

    Oh, here's the video you were looking for, although it doesn't help with your issue. 

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    Some alternative workflows, which may or may not work depending on your overall setup:

    1. Add a grade layer above the 3D model layers. You can then add a glow to all of them, while keeping them as 3D unrolled.

    2. Did you know that you can add multiple models to the SAME 3D model layer? This way you can have your 3D models all on a single layer, interacting correctly, and potentially removing the need to have them as 3D unrolled. To do this, simply drag a model from the Media panel onto an existing 3D model layer on the timeline. The new model will be added to the 'Models' subgroup.

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    Both Simon's methods work, but would end up apply the same effects to all models. If both your models need the same glow, use one of the two methods Simon suggests. (if you place two models into the same layer you can still parent each model to different points and animate them separately.) 

    If you need Model A to glow and Model B to not-glow you'll have to do something similar to what I described in my earlier post. 

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    Thank you for your answers. For the first time Simon`s method doit for me. But if I have more time, I`ll try Triem`s method for the different glow effects. But actually the glow effect in this scene should only show a little lightning of the windows on both models.

    Thank you :)

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