GMIC and Image Sequences

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I like gmic ( it has a lot of options to manipulate still images. It is mainly batch orientated but with the gimp plugin it has a nice interface to play with the possibilties.

It took a while but now i managed to batch procces an image sequence with gmic. This video i the first result of of using this flters:

 - Threshold Etch -v -99 -gimp_gcd_etch 125,153,171,185,0.1,50,80,50,10,15,12,20,0,1,0.3,1,0,0
 - Film Emulation Lomo -v -99 -gimp_emulate_film_negative_color 12,1,0,1,0,0,0,0,0
- Black Crayon Grafitti -v -99 -gimp_crayongraffiti2 600,100,1,0.4,2,1,5,0,0
- Dream Smoothing -v -99 -gimp_dreamsmooth 3,1,9,0.8,1,0.8,5,24,0
- Felt Pen -v -99 -gimp_feltpen 300,50,1,0.1,20,5,0

Next step for me is the impaint functionality...

Here is the result:

Software used:
Blender (for creating the image sequence)
Gimp (for the gmic parameters)
GMIC as Batch Image Processor
Hitfilm 3 Pro for making the final video

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