Budget DSLR Lens for filmmaking-around 500 dollars or less.

As stated in my title, I am looking for a good all around lens for film making on my DSLR. I recently got a second hand 5d MKII and the only lens i have that works with it is the canon 50mm 1.8. I need something that would be decent, for 500 or preferably less money. I am looking for something in the 24-75mm focal range, zoom of course. I just can't afford L series lenses.


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    There's a Canon 24-105 in your price range that's pretty good. Another option might be some of the new Rokinon "Cinema Lenses" @Rodypolis gave those a good review, and you might be able to get two of those in your budget--maybe the 35mm and 100mm. About 24-105mm is a good practical range for film. Wider than 24mm and you start getting wide-angle distortion, longer than 105mm and you're getting into mid-high telephoto. Not as useful for general film work--better for sports and live events where you might not be able to move closer to your subject. 

    That 50-prime is a good starter lens, though. It's great for medium-to-close shots with a really narrow DoF. 

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    Keep in mind Rokinon come in a few flavours, too. I have a Samyang 14/2.8 and it's the same lens as the Rokinon 14/2.8 and a few other brands.

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    Good point. I believe Samyang is the actual manufacturer, and the others are the rebrands.