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So I’m looking to create a similar effect to the one found here in the trailer for the game Overwatch (skip to 4:39)  https://youtu.be/FqnKB22pOC0?t=4m39s I know this is animation, but at the moment where the girl teleports and kicks the gun out of the assassins’ hands into the air is similar to what I’m looking to do. Now I’m not looking to do this exactly, but something similar in a different context. What I want to do is have someone teleport within the same frame with camera movement and another person present.


I’m wondering if someone has done a workflow of something similar, or can help point me to a series of tuts on how I can achieve this. All the “nightcrawler” or “Jumper” videos out there all have the obvious camera pan where you can mask someone out and have them reappear on the other side (only involving a single person), however if you were having two individuals fighting, like in the video, or even one dodging the attacks of the other I imagine this would be a lot more complicated.


I’m curious what would need to be captured on set, and done it post to achieve this. Thanks in advance!


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    I set the video to start at the 4:39 mark, but it didn't do that when I posted it.

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    Not hitfilm but does this help?

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    The main thing here is that you want a camera move. Unless you have some sort of motion control rig, lose the camera move. 

    Any kind of teleport requires at least two camera passes: a clean background and one with your actor(s) - whether the actor is on greenscreen or on-set. For teleporting to a different part of the frame, you need at least three passes. Without motion control your chances of having all your takes match up seamlessly is exactly 0.000%.

    If you insist on a camera move then shoot your actors on greenscreen and do your background either with high-res stills or camera projection,then fake your camera move in post. Camera move should either be a sideways slide or push in. Don't try orbiting your camera if you do your camera move in post. It just won't work (motion control again). 

    Actual teleport effects are basic, and almost any tutorial for any software will do. You'll either be fading out a keyed actor or a masked actor over a seperate background plate. After that, well, there's so many other effects you can add, a tutorial is near-pointless. 

    Just for fun, here's a video created in Hitfilm by a man named Steven Oliver which is just tons and tons of teleporting effects:

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    Agree with everything @Triem23 said but if you have Mocha Pro and shoot it right, you can remove your actor and have your cleanplate. 

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    Yeah I did a bunch of footage with camera moves and it was just ick. Good lesson to learn.

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    I have some more input on this topic, but I won't be able to come back to it for a few hours. I can think offhand of two Hitfilm-specific teleportation tutorials and a couple of AE tutorials that adapt to Hitfilm as well as a couple of tutorials that are useful for creating camera moves in post. That kind of cut n paste is a lot easier on my laptop than phone. Aaron, I think some of what I will say might help you as well. 

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    Hey thank you so much for the responses. I figured that's what I would have to do. I would also appreciate the extra tuts if you have them as well.


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    Film Riot Star Trek Tutorial in Hitfilm Ultimate 2 

    Prism Teleport

    Otherwise, YouTube search for "Teleport Tutorial" will find you tons. Heck, Film Riot, alone, has another three, and Andrew Kramer MUST have some on Videocopilot.net.

     This is a Time Freeze effect done with motion control, but it will show you that kind of setup, and also show why I was discussing limited camera move. 

    This Film Riot Time Freeze tutorial shows one way of making a fake set to do a camera move in post. In this case, you would greenscreen actors and put their layers closer to camera than the BG.... Just like Ryan did with other elements... 

    Main thing to remember for faking camera motion is, if you film your actors on a static greenscreen, you can get away with a LOT of fake trucking in and out of frame. You can get away with a lot of dollying left and right. You can get away with a bit of pedestal up and down. You can't get away with any orbiting. Anything. You can get away with a good amount of left/right panning and counter/clockwise rolling, but not much up/down tilting. 

    Now, if you want to get advanced, here's the closest you'll get to pulling this off with a complex camera move without motion control...

    First, go watch the Camera Projection tutorials on the Hitfilm YouTube channel. 1 and 3 are the important ones. Simon does a fairly thorough walk thru of the setup of the projection. Inscape Digital's YouTube channel also has a tutorial on setting up camera projection--Inscape hits a point or two Simon missed, and vice-versa. (And I have a couple of tricks neither of them talked about--when I get the time to finish the **** tutorial!)

    Ok, now check out this Wrenthereaper tutorial


    The setup in Ae is a little different than Hitfilm, but notice Wren used a clean plate to make a girl Teleport in.

    So: You need to carefully stage and rehearse your shots and plan ahead... Basically you're going to need to shoot the Teleport in such as way that the Teleport in actor can run off camera at the point where the BAMF* out is without crossing another actor in frame. A slider, dolly or caster move is best. Handheld will give too much motion, and possible blur or Jell-O wobble to really work well.

    Now you can use the Object Removal ability of Camera Projection to clean plate the BG as the Teleporting actor runs out of frame. Set up a static camera to shoot the Teleport in at the same shoot location with a portable greenscreen... Then lighting will match. Shoot the BAMF in plate.

    In another Composite shot, mocha or point track a clean copy of your fight footage. Bring in your projection cleanup BAMF out as an embedded Composite Shot for your BG layer. Now you can use the mocha or point track to set the correct position to Composite in your BAMF in plate! Don't linger too long after the BAMF in, and cut to another shot fairly quickly--then the audience won't notice if perspective doesn't 100% match up. 

    Or, go the other way... Shoot your actor appearing and attacking in your main take, and comp in the disappearing. Either way, you want a smooth camera move, you don't want your actors crossing at the time of the Teleport (Unless you really want to start rotting in half an actor back over the object removal, but that's not fun. At all.) and don't do an orbit on the side of the shot that has the composite.

    Here's two ways to shoot an example:

    Example One: (Composite Teleport in) Guy and Girl fighting. We start behind the girl and we orbit around as they fight. We end up behind his back, the orbit ending as he kicks her back and draws his gun. She smiles and vanishes. The camera moves straight back as he turns around, facing the camera. On cue, he reacts to her appearing and kicking the gun out of his hand.

    Now, move the camera to about where it would be when she appears. Greenscreen setup. She acts out Teleport in and gun kick. Her back is to the camera, and she will be comped in front of him, covering part of his body,so we don't have to see the impact of foot on hand.

    By putting both actors for the gun kick on a line away from the camera lens, I can get away with the moving camera going straight back as there won't be shifting parallax.

    Example Two (Composite Teleport Out)

    Fight, fight, fight, he kicks her back and draws gun...

    CUT TO: New shot. He is pointing gun towards empty area where we comp in the next shot. As she vanishes, the camera starts to move around him as she runs into frame, acts out appearing, then kicks gun out of hand... From here, the shot can continue with more fighting. If staged right, you can get one more Teleport out before you have to cut to a new shot.

    Put the camera back where she vanishes and shoot that plate.

    By starting the shot more or less static, then starting the move, the fight can go longer after the Teleport in.

    *BAMF is, of course, recognized by all X-men comic readers as the sound of Nightcrawler Teleporting.

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    Triem your answers always amaze me! Great! ......Think you have to do the tutorial.... just saying. 

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