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I'm a student at Leeds Beckett University, in my first year of studying a Computer Animation and Visual Effects Course.

Our project for this Semester was to create a short VFX Sequence.

We've finished the sequence now and we'd really appreciate some feedback on what we've done before our presentation in a couple of days. We'd just like to know what you like, what you don't like, if it all made sense etc.

Be as critical as you like, but remember, we're only in our first year!


Link to Final Sequence:


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    Not much in term of criticism. It's very well shot (I particularly like the rack foucus on the buttons and medals at the top of the sequence), nicely edited, very compelling, and the VFX help sell the mood and storytelling, and are also well executed. Really my only major note is audio--the biplane engine comes in a bit TOO hard--on my studio monitor it sounds clipped. A little tweak of that one sound effect so it's still jarring, but not distorted, and I think you're done. A minor visual note is the shot where the portal opens--maybe a dust or debris element might help? I don't know if you want that effect to feel violent or not, but just a touch of dirt/debris and/or camera shake would make that shot feel more aggressive. 

    Good work! I suspect you'll get high marks from your professor. 


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    Hi there, looks very nice. For me it has been the plane which did not look right. Maybe you can get around that tree in somehow or remove the tree on the right side. 

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    Triem23 Thanks a lot, that's really helpful! 

    We didn't intend for the shot to be aggressive but we'll definitely look into that. 


    StephansBilderwelt Thanks too, we'' have a look into that as well 

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    This is really good for a first shot at film-making with VFX.

    When the soldier is going through the most traumatic point of his episode, perhaps the camera should tilt a little. The tilted camera would add more character to the scene, and looks a little bland with a still camera.

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    I'm loving the effects inside the skull at the end. It's a really great first project - as Triem said, I'm sure your professor will be really pleased! The ghost is well positioned, although I did see a little shuddering in the road before it emerged, which was a little distracting to the eye.