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Hi Hitfilm community, I am beginning to use blender and I downloaded it on steam as well as the one of the official website. Anyway, the main problem I have is that I can't see all the tabs on the right side, like the physics tab. This is very annoying and limits me. I have tried changing the window shape and my comouter monitor resolution but this only expands it a little and doesn't show the physics tab. 


As as always all suggestions and comments are appreaciated. 

Thank you


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    It's all good! Just me being not observant enough! 

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    Blender is kind of hard to get into. If you want to, you can check out this video from minute 12 on to get an impression of how to get started. What you want to learn of course depends largely on what you want to achieve using Blender, but some general information about Blender's interface, etc. could be quite useful.

    The good thing about Blender is that although it has quite a learning curve there dozens of free tutorials on the internet. So after you got familiar with the basics of Blender, you should be able to solve most of your problems just googling them. (You should also find more than enough information on special topics like object tracking.) If you still have issues, feel free to ask (although this one of course is primarily meant for HitFilm related topics).

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    Thanks @OutlineEntertainment, I like using Hitfilm and blender and sometimes even combining them. This helps me heaps! I'll try to keep the questions Hitfilm based :) it does take a while to learn blender though, so I may be asking a couple more questions thats of I can't find it on google.

    once again, thanks.

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