Sharing Hitfilm 3 with my sibling.

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So ive always been interested in video editing, and my brother is getting to the age where he is sharing the same creativity and is willing to learn :) So ive offered to give one of my hitfilm 3 keys to him, in return for $20 (Might as well get something from this right? )

. My question and worry i guess is will he have access to my account, and even the credit card number that i bought hitfilm with? If he does i might have to monitor him or work something out. 



  • aarondc
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    You don't give someone something and expect money in return. That's called selling.

    I'll let fxhome answer categorically, but typically the license is for the person who bought it, with 3 installs onto 3 machines they own. Not for selling one of those installs to someone else entirely.

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    First of all, strictly speaking this would be illegal, as aarondc says, the license you obtained from fxhome is personal and not to be shared with others, especially if you get money from them.

    That being said, the team might not have objections against sharing your license with your brother who just wants to learn a little bit, but I'll leave that to them as well.

    Lastly about your technical questions (and I'm talking only technical aspects here, because as said, allowing this for someone else on their computer might be illegal): As far as I know, activating the software on a computer with your account credentials will only activate the software, not grant access your account, because the software itself does not offer to do anything with your account other than pull the activation. To do anything else with your account you have to login via browser, which doesn't communicate with HitFilm to get the credentials for the website.

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    Take the $20 out of the question. So the only way around this is to spend another $400 to be out of the wrong :/

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    Hitfilm 2 Express can be found for $5.00 or less.

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    To quote relevant bits from the license agreement:

    You May:
    - Install on 3 computers for personal use or for your business purposes.
    - Transfer software from one computer to another
    - 1 Copy may be burned to disc for backup only

    - Can not rent, lease, translate, adapt, modify, merge the software.
    - Customer agrees that the transfer of the software to a 3rd party will be a termination by the customer rendering their software unusable

    Which basically means that you can transfer the entire product to somebody else, relinquishing your license, but you can't sub-lease individual activations.

    If you live in the same house, it's not like we're going to check or worry about you installing it on your brother's computer as well, using one of your activations.

    It should be noted that to activate you need to use your account login. However, as Robin says, there's no way to derive somebody's login details from an activated version.

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    @SimonKJones Excellent summary. I tried to refer to the license agreement, too, but I had trouble finding it. I found it now (didn't think about looking into the installation instructions under my software earlier), but maybe you could make the license agreement accessible from an activated copy of the software somehow :) Or is there already and I was just too unobservant to find it?

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    Thankyou for your responses! :) im in the right now :)