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Hey HItfilm community! I have been also working on a building shatter in HF3PRO, which I am using on a 3d model of a city building. It is working well apart from the fact that when I try to change the position or origin of were the explosion or 'shattering' from were it comes from, it moves the 3d object instead of the shatter. This is making the effect very hard to make. This also occurs with picture and videos in HF3PRO. 

As always, all comments and suggestions are very much appreaciated. 


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    In the Shatter effect, you'll see Position>Transform From. What you want to do is link this property to a point layer that is different from any point layers your model is attached to. Just like with the particle sim emitter needing to be attached to a different point than the layer.

    Basically, in Hitfilm when you have an effect transforming a layer look for a "Transform From" and link it to a point. This is true for the caustic, shatter,particle sims, 3d extrusion, lens flares, atomic particles, radio waves, light rays, parallax, etc, etc, etc. By linking the position to a point within the effect, you can control the effect independently of the position of the layer it's on.

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    Thank you for the quick response! But just to clarify, I make a new point and use that in the shatter effect? Because I tried that and it still moved the whole 3d object :(

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    You'll have to use the Position controls under Physics->Forces in the shatter effect to shift the explosion center.