A CGI Arrow

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In searching the internet for tutorials I have found a category that seems untouched. Maybe because it is so simple everyone knows it or so complex no one has posted anything on. But my question is "how do you practically use an arrow in post production?".

The closest information I can find is when actors or directors say their arrows are CGI, but I can't seem to wrap my head around how they achieve this effect so seamlessly. 

As usual you guys are " DA bomb" when it comes to these questions! :D


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    Perhaps this Simon Jones tutorial will help.  

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    "Just in case Chris got to excited and started shooting Tom". The fact that Simon said that makes it that much better!

    so I reading the comments that the bolt was just originally an image. are there any tutorials explaining how to put an image in HitFilm and move it? @SimonKJones @Triem23

    Also I'm assuming that the arrow in motion is being moved via key frame with a motion blur?

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    Putting an image in HitFilm and moving it is nothing more than dropping that image into the media panel and from there onto the timeline of a composite shot, and then just animate its position, scale and rotation properties with keyframes, perhaps using some tracking if the scene is moving. And yes, motion blur with greatly improve the scene in that it will make the cgi element less visible as such.

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