My Hitfilm Music Video Premiere today and some thoughts on making of

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So I got Hitfilm 3 like last November I think.  My Computer doesn't even meet the minimum requirements, but I was determined to make this vision of a music video i've had for awhile. and with some time and patience it's done. I made about 70% in hitfilm, the final edit, I tried to do in hitfilm, but I've been using another program so long, i just couldn't get into the hitfilm editor for the longform. So the scenes in hitfilm and output for edit, and also in the end i also used the Hitfilm plugins in FCP for the some of the final touches.

In the end I had a deadline, and it just had to get done and look great.. so I had to cut many of the scenes because the render times on my mini with four gigs of RAM was painfully ungodly. So I might go back with a bigger computer someday and re-do the whole thing. but now, I'm just glad it's over ;)

Let me know what you think..

it's exclusive to this Music blog this week, so i can't post the video independent of it yet. But you can see it there.