Problem Replicating Camera Solve Tutorial Results

I'm new to HitFilm, and was trying to follow along with Axel's Mocha camera solve tutorial found here using HitFilm 3 Pro. The two planes track correctly, and when I do the solve, Mocha reports a solve quality of "99%," just as in the video. However, when I export the camera data, and load the composite into HitFilm, the camera data is garbage, and doesn't come close to matching the shot (in fact, it almost seems like the camera movement is reversed). The 3D effect that should stay fixed within the shot goes shooting off to the right, and out of frame. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. 


  • StephansBilderweltStephansBilderwelt Website User Posts: 523

    Did you reset the position of the effect, so it matches the camera?

  • jbaysingarjbaysingar Website User Posts: 3

    Not sure what you mean. There was nothing in the tutorial about matching the effect to the camera. It was my understanding that simply having the camera solve in the composite should adjust the effect to keep it in the same relative spot in the shot.

    As an update... "Auto" was choosing "small parallax", so I tried a solve manually selecting "large parallax" and I got a better solve, but there was still horizontal drift when the parallax move happens in the shot.

  • PalaconoPalacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,442 Enthusiast

    I had exactly this problem, as posted here:

    The consensus was that Mocha is pretty flaky and you just have to solve it multiple times until it gets it right.

  • jbaysingarjbaysingar Website User Posts: 3

    Thanks. I'll keep retrying to see if I can get a good solve. It's a little disappointing that Mocha is so flaky. The plane tracking is working just fine, so I don't know why the camera solve is so off. And as you pointed out in your post, it's odd that re-solving the same input parameters would produce different results. 

  • mark_emark_e Website User Posts: 190 Just Starting Out

    I think it's a little harsh saying mocha is flaky I've seen some amazing tracks with it in proper feature films  in some of the demo reals and I've never had any trouble tracking a scene I've shot with a view to tracking. Sure if you chuck any old clip at it and hope for the best your not going to get great results but that's not mochas fault.

  • SimesSimes Website User Posts: 21

    If the exact same inputs give you differing results when you try them again, I think it's fair to say that it's flaky. Flaky doesn't mean not good, it means unreliable or eccentric. And if you got rid of the flakiness in a great product, wouldn't that make it even better?

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