Any hope for other Red Giant Plugins going to OFX?

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Hi all,

I purchased Red Giant's excellent Effects Suite a while ago, mainly as I wanted their Psunami plugin -  to do ocean animations - of which it is excellent. However, it currently only works with Adobe After Effects, and I only subscribe to Adobe's CC membership to use Psunami. I know the Red Giant Universe plugins are OFX and have stated support for hitfilm, and I have used some of the universe plugins in Hitfilm with success, but I was wondering if Red Giant and perhaps other VFX plugin makers are going to port other things to Hitfilm / OFX compatibility? Particularly for me Psunami..

Why I am asking here is that I know that the good Hitfilm admins and developers / staff can have some influence on other companies porting or making their stuff Hitfilm compatible..

I know I could also raise this with Red Giant, but I thought I'd ask here, and see what you guys think, or have to say... would be great not to have to subscribe to get After Effects when to be honest, all of the core functionality of AE is done as well if not better by Hitfilm and then some..


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    My guess is that's really a good question for Red Giant? While FxHome can hint at Red Giant about things like Psunami, it's ultimately Red Giant that has to decide to spend the resources on the port. 

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     Of course, Triem23 - you are right. Will look at asking Red Giant as well of course.. cheers.

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    I posted in their forums in November, and have been following it, but haven't heard any plans to for them to update to OFX. Since CC pushed me away as well, I too would love to see that happen !

    On to the subject of Hitfilm, I was wondering if there were any plans to make the Hitfilm Plugins OFX compatible. They were so useful in a project that I recently completed in Resolve, and seeing that functionality added in BM Design's Fusion would be incredible!

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    As Triem says, the best thing to do is let the developer know. If they're aware of interest in HitFilm as a platform for their plugins, I'm sure they'll look into it. The Red Giant guys are very cool, so it'd be great to see more of their stuff head our way.

    @SoFuegoProductions - The HitFilm plugins already are OFX. That's how they work in Vegas and Resolve, I believe. We only support hosts which we've specifically checked compatibility for, though, so it won't just work in everything immediately. If people are especially interested in particular platforms, let us know (hence we added Resolve support recently).

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    Cool Simon, thanks, will do. I will let Red Giant know I am hoping to see more of their stuff Hitfilm compatible.

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    Side note: Check this thread. Hitfilm's Caustics effect isn't as thorough as Psnunami, but for a lot  of shots it's good enough. Caustics can look **** good. For relatively still water it's great. With proper setup of the height map you can get nice ripples and swells. For full breaking waves, you need true simulation (Caustics fakes it), but if you look at the thread you'll seem some very nice looking examples.

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    Thanks @Triem23 - will have a look.

    I emailed Red Giant yesterday, and today got a reply. Basically they said they didn't have any plans for the Effects Suite and Hitfilm..

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    Not surprised at this point. Ae's internal architecture is radically different from Hitfilm. Psunami and Trapcode would require a complete re-code, I think. Maybe as Hitfilm's user base grows (especially if they sell a lot of Universe licenses to Hitfilm users) they will re-consider. Universe was Open Fx, so an easy port. 

    A lot of the example projects in the Caustics thread arenaren't online anymore, but I have a caustics project you can download and look at here:

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    Ok thanks @Triem23 - will have a look at your project.

    I realise it is a lot of work for Red Giant to port such plugins across, but is a shame really, as I don't really want to keep subscribing to Adobe CC just for a couple of plugins / one plugin - psunami.

    I guess I will just have to subscribe to universe 150 times to show that there are enough hitfilm users using Red Giant.. lol

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