Change of films :p

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I decided that a zombie film was overrated (there are to many of them nowadays)...
so I am going to create a short series that focuses on "superhumans" as well "Villains".
Its going to be way easier now that i can use my tripod :D The zombie film was going to be shot freehand :(( Please feel free to comment or provide necessary feedback :P
P.S. Heres a pic for the trailer I will be posting soon (hopefully).


  • Froi
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    Where will be your filming location? Because that effects the film... And it's a good idea not to do zombies, because getting a good zombie costume, acting and scripting are usually quite hard with it ;)
  • Lol MrJ :D I was still thinking someplace in the ditch right behind my house... There are some really good looking places for multiple fight scenes. Plus the 'shorty' I want to create isn't going to be super long @-) . There's really no storyline behind it... More of a shoot on the go type of film :huh: but hey! I think it will turn out ok depending on if my actors don't drift off, lol.
  • OOPS!!! I forgot to mention that the picture at the top is from a whole nother short film that I am working on. This one should be done within the week (depending on if I have schoolwork to do or not). Sorry for the confusion ;) .