Helicopter used in my short film from Simon Jones tutorial

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Hey guys,

just thought you guys should check out the helicopter I used in my short film from Simon Jones tutorial.  If you want to skip to it, it comes in a little after two and a half minutes.  I use it twice and right at  the very end.  I am not professional by any means, just having alot of fun with it.  I really didnt put alot of time into coloring the chopper but I think I did a decent job animating it.  Anyways, heres the link.

Check out this video on YouTube:




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    That's really awesome! I love the cinematic angles and fx! A bit of a cliché storyline, but who doesn't love zombies! 

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    Actually, *I* don't love zombies. I'm over them. ;-)

    Tucker, this is, overall, a well put together short. Your helicopter looks good, and I would have just accepted that in the scene if you hadn't specifically worried about it. You matched it pretty well to the lighting and look of your scene--only note for the copter is remember to turn on motion blur for that layer. It will help with the main and tail rotors.

    Otherwise, good choices of angles. You haven't gone overboard on fancy camera moves, and that's a good thing--the storytelling is clear. I do really like the camera move on that one shot where you peek up around the should of the character on the upper floor to reveal the zombie hordes below. Editing is crisp.

    Special and VFX--nice makeup effects. The zombies look quite good. Most of your blood VFX works--you have one gunshot where it's BAM! and the blood happens about a quarter-second late, and you have the one scene where the two zombies are eating your main federal agent and they take headshots, but keep eating. Maybe change those two for body hits (which wouldn't stop the zombies anyway) or change it to a headshot on the agent (mercy killing). If you were aiming for mercy killing it didn't read to me. Your greenscreen for the fighter pilot is a clean key, but, um... where's the seat behind him? (Yes, I'm looking at pictures of fighter cockpits, and you would be able to see part of the seat behind the pilot, and part of the plane behind him). For future reference, you can either do a web search for images of cockpits to mask in the part of the seat as another layer, or shoot your pilot from a lower angle, looking up at him so all you'd see is sky above him. Or, you can download a free fighter from a site like turbosquid and put the camera in it's cockpit facing back? I already said the heli looked good.

    Maybe I missed something, but the biggest problem of the film for me is the separation of the agents and the daughter a few minutes in. If the DAUGHTER is the key to a cure there's just no effin' way she gets left behind--everyone else but the girl and the doctor would be expendable, as the mission is now SAVE THE GIRL! If you expand this (and I feel like this is chapter one of a larger story).

    Minor quibbles. Again, overall this is a solid short. Be proud and keep making films!


    EDIT: A couple of cockpit shots so you can see what I meant there:




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    Thanks for the feedback fellas!

    Triem23, thanks for taking the time to review that.  Your comments are well noted. I was a half second late on one zombie kill, had trouble finding that seat for the pilot, even thought about building it, but just didn't have the time.  Anyways, I know your on here a lot so I appreciate the time and constructive feedback.

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    Hi, tuckerkras12! First- the helicopter looked very well done. Like T23 said, it matches quite well in lighting and fitting the scene. Second- I hope that's not the end of the story. It feels unresolved so I hope there's more to come. Great makeup on the zombies. Made my stomach turn a little. I'm not a fan of zombies but for some reason I loved World War Z. I suppose because unlike most zombie movies I've seen it offers a glimmer of hope at the end. I'm hoping your story does that as well seeing as the CDC lady seems to have an understanding of the cause and the solution.

    The only other thing I can think is maybe add a little film grain so it looks more movie like and less digital camera. Your camera shots are nice and clear to the point of being a little too clear but that's a matter of taste I suppose. Just a thought. Did you add any grading?

    Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks for the feedback Stormy, I actually color graded it using hitfilm's cinestyle which I am a big fan of.  I did however scale back the grain though. I guess, as you said, was just a matter of taste.  I think it looked great both ways but thank you so much for the feedback.

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    Love the energy! This is what film making is all about! Sure, it was corny, but it was genuine and I didn't cringe once. I laughed and had a good time watching it!

    This isn't a criticism, I'm just curious as to why you decided to go with 60fps instead of the standard 24fps? Surprisingly, it didn't bother me much at all, which is usually does. I'd be willing to say this was the first time I didn't find a fast frame rate distracting.


    Lastly, building off of @Triem23 's post, I actually did a stupid little short film with jets. My solution was sort of backwards. I set up a lawn chair and covered it with black fabric. I put the back legs on a skateboard and had a grip shake it around to create turbulence. Worked out pretty well! Here's the video and the breakdown:

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    Hey Keegan,

    I have actually already seen this video and subscribed to your channel like 6 months ago.  I liked your video and was curious how you got the shake to it, great idea.  Anyways, I usually use 24 fps but I only had 48 hrs. to make this and I am a big fan of slo-mo and I knew their would be no issues with 60 fps.

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