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Hi there, I tried to put some dust inside a Church clip. I tracked with Mocha, this already had be a pain. Then I tried to apply the particle effect, again not easy but at the end it worked. Last thing has been to mask out a flower in front of the camera, because the dust just did not look right. Doubled the movie layer and masked the flower. But now I tried to keyframe the mask........ Why is it not possible to move the mask in the viewer and HF is taking the new values? 

After trying things like crazy, I have found out that you have to drag the values in the control panel and than HF will set the keyframes?!? 

Sorry to say that, but it feels like HF is full of bugs. 


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    Yeah, moving masks in Hitfilm can be a pain--although I need to double-check, I think highlighting the Path line of the Mask controls lets you drag the mask with the selection tool. Highlight, specifically, the Path line! Not the Layer name! You won't get a widget for scale/position/rotation, but dragging inside the mask should move it, and dragging points repositions points. It's unintuitive, but, when you think about it, logical. 

    Or, roto in mocha. There aren't any Hitfilm specific roto tutorials, but use an AE one. Instead of copying roto data to clipboard (AE) you export/import a composite shot. There's a great series of mocha roto tutorials from Creative Cow, and some great mocha roto webinars from Imagineer on YouTube. 

    Yeah,Hitfilm has it's bugs and glitches, but I also encounter bugs and glitches in Vegas, Photoshop, AE and Premiere. Some glitches are more annoying than others.  

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    I have to try the path line. 

    Yes others have bugs as well, but I just get the feeling with HF that one is closet while 5 others open up. A specially when you do something easy as putting dust on a 10 second clip and you sit in front of that thing for almost 3 hours and just don`t understand what the software is doing. Grrrrrrrr (Grrrrrr is a German word for Arrrrrghhh) ;)

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    @Triem, your tipp with the path worked perfect, Thanks again.