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I need a new film production logo intro clip to put in front of my films and I am looking to see if anyone would not mind creating one for me.

I would add your name to every video I use it for in the credits as Production Logo Artist

The Production Name is "Area One"

and I am looking for something along the lines of having Area One in steel with brackets and then having a Alien silhouette appear behind it but very faint.

If anyone can create this I would really appreciate it!

email: [email protected]


Justin Mykal Mora

Area One Productions


  • CepheidMediaCepheidMedia Website User Posts: 22 Just Starting Out

    Have you considered making this yourself? This sounds really easy to do with HitFilm, as what you described is not very complex. Like this really shouldn't take more than half an hour to an hour at most.

    I also think you'll be able to make it more like your vision if you do it yourself. If you need help or want some guidance, there are plenty willing to provide input.

    Let me know if you have any questions :)

  • JoshuaBaldassarreJoshuaBaldassarre Website User Posts: 45

    If you are a newbee to hitfilm i understand but blender 3d is a great combination with hitfilm! Blender is free as well!

    But at least try to learn the software

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