'A Long Walk In Mexico' - Newest Atomic Project (Trailer Released)

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Hey guys!
A handful of weeks ago I posted here about a project I was working on in California for a company. Now that our connections with that company have somewhat moved on, the project has become more of our own material and is something we've expanded and rebranded into something distinctly 'Atomic'.
That project, announced officially yesterday via our Facebook Fan Page, is 'A Long Walk In Mexico'.

As the project is of a decently-ambitious length (25-45 minutes) and was developed as a spec sort of TV pilot, it's something we're still working at. And with our funding having parted ways and rights back in our own hands, it's something we're hitting hard to promote and garner investor interest in to complete. We're really happy with the results and look of what majority of production we've already completed, and excited to finish it out.
Accordingly, we've released the above trailer and will be dispersing a handful of graphic media and promotional materials over the course of the coming weeks. With interest in programming from small studios to American television network already, this is an action-comedy piece we're incredibly enthusiastic about getting out to an audience as soon as possible.
We've had a great time working on this and have a fantastic cast backing it, including our longtime collaborating partners in the acting fields (who coincidentally hadn't previously worked together) John Redlinger and Chase Arrington, and are really proud of what we've done thus far. Tons of fun.
The synopsis/project information is as follows:
'A Long Walk In Mexico' is Atomic Productions' upcoming action-comedy project, due for release this fall. When three young Americans venture to Cabo for the summer, their recklessness and carefree attitudes about their surroundings bestow upon them more of the 'Mexican experience' than they bargained for.
Directed by Ben & Andrew Adams - Executive Producer Cole Dabney - Production Assistance Paulina Bryant
Starring - John Redlinger - Chase Arrington - Parker Christian - with Fernando Gaviria
The music featured in this trailer is the track 'Money Up' by Shod B.'s mixtape 'No Interruptions'. Twitter: @shodb[/indent]
Anywho, thought I'd clue the ol' Hitfilm Community in on the happenings of Atomic for the time being. If this intrigues you, or you're willing to help us- pass on the link and help us get the viewership and interest in 'A Long Walk In Mexico' out there, too!


  • looks very interesting! great work ;)
  • Froi
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    Seems good, one of the best trailers I've seen in the forums, but... It must take while to render ;) jk
  • DanielMorgan
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    Wow , im really excited about this project, cant wait for more updates. Just looking for the fb page now :D
  • Andrew
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    Thanks, guys! The reception has been pretty great and we're really excited to continue promotion and finish the project out the right way- and your support and viewership is a huge part of that.
    It looks like maybe it didn't hotlink correctly in my previous post, so if you're interested you can check out our progress on the project and the general happenings of Atomic Productions by keeping up with Atomic's Facebook Fan Page, our twitter, or more-broadly our YouTube Channel.
    Additionally, I've put up a new promotional poster for the project complete with what we'll probably stick with as the tagline.
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    Just thought I'd chime in. I said something over at fxhome.com already, but I rewatched the trailer and found some of the red tones (especially on the actors skin) seemed to be a bit distracting. Will it be that red in the film or is that just for the trailer? (I notice they aren't over red in the poster so maybe there is some hope)
  • spydurhank
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  • looks Great !
    I've already watch your trailer many times on your Facebook page ! the music and the style are really good ! :)
  • Andrew
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    Thanks, guys! We're really excited about this heading forward.
    Matthias, the color grading is punched-up a bit to look more stylized and unified for the trailer, but generally it will be very similar. The heat and atmosphere of the desert we wanted to have that 'Traffic' movie desert look.
    Having been in 110-degree heat everyday in drought the past 4 months in Texas, I'm still confident with the look. Maybe it's too single-hued, but that's kind of the look we were feeling. ;)
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    I'll definitely reserve my judgement for release then.
    (sorry for taking so long to reply)
  • StrikeEmStudios
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    I have to agree with what Matthias said about the colour grading, while i know you always (or just about always) use a saturated look to your films, I think the colours have been pushed too far, to the point where the shadows have lost detail and replaced by a red cast; personally i've always used a somewhat desaturated colour pallet, until recently where i've been experimenting more with saturation and I find it much harder to keep the details and consistency throughout.
    As for the trailer, we aren't really told much about the short other than being set in the desert; maybe it could have been about 20 seconds longer, just to give people a better idea of the story - but i can understand the length given the short is about 25 mins, you don't want to give away too much.
    Are you still using a 550d for shooting? and what other equipment was used on this?
  • DanielMorgan
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    I actually quite like the colour grading, I think you definitely get the feeling that their in a barren hot harsh desert.
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    Oh and to clarify, my biggest concern is in the hotel where the walls look excessively yellow and the faces excessively red. Maybe this is on purpose, maybe it will work, but for the trailer, (after watching it 4 or 5 times) it was kinda distracting. When they are outside, I understand the extreme red tones, but inside, it looked, to me anyway, that the white balance was off, which I'm sure it wasn't, knowing how meticulous you and your brother are about filming.
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