Blog: 5 Tips For Marketing Your Short Film

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It’s finally done. Your blood, sweat and virtually all of the hours you could have spent watching Netflix or playing with your newborn child has gone into creating a short film. It is, in fact, the best film you’ve ever made. It might even be the best film anyone’s ever made.

There’s only one problem. No-one knows it exists. Read more >>


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    Wow, Simon, you totally plagiarized KristieT! ;-) 

    For the record, I can speak for a measly two viewers who would love to see a second "Arms Race" series. 

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    To be fair, the blog post itself is properly credited to being written by Kirstie. :D She's currently away in San Francisco racing Segways, though, so it's left to me to keep the ball rolling. :P

    We'd love to do more Arms Race. The main hold-up on new IAT content is that in the last year there have been three new IAT babies. Add on my son from a couple of years previously and we've all been somewhat distracted.

    THAT SAID - Nigel has just set up a new studio in his garden (it's basically an enormous shed), so we're slowly pulling together a new setup that should let us do all kinds of things. Whether we'll return to the Arms Race universe or try some other things we've yet to decide. Probably a bit of both.

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    It has been said that all the truly great creations in the world are British and started in a garden shed :)

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    Is it really @Aladdin4d? I hadn't heard that one!

    Does that mean that if I get myself a shed I'll be more likely to create something awesome? (might be difficult because I live in a flat but still!)

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    When I clicked your read more button, it did not work correctly. I have a habit of gathering more information about marketing, digital marketing, and other topics and visit many sites like Mailpro because some websites can help expand my knowledge. I saw your article, but the unfortunate thing is that it does not work correctly.

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    @robanhood Simon no longer works with FXhome, and the FXhome website has had multiple comprehensive revamps since 2015. I'll tag in web guru @philipwesson (Phil, link in initial post is broken), but re-linking a 7 year old article is probably far down Phil's list of things to tweak. @Phil

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    @robanhood Triem23 is correct here. Here is the correct link:

    I've edited the original post to reflect the change

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