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I am making some lesson type clips to be put on youtube and on my website. I have the clips made into Hitfilm and the in and out points set so I can run the clips but now I need to be able to add narration to it, I don't see any way to do that directly in Hitfilm so it looks like I would have to export the project then use some other program to watch the clip and be able to add the narration, maybe a screen  capture, then import the narrated version back into Hitfilm so I can add other clips, which seems awkward.

The easiest way to explain it is the entire film will be similar to a newscast. After a "story" is introduced the clip runs then back to the newsdesk to introduce the next clip. I haven't filmed the newsdesk portions yet but that will be the easy part since it will already have the audio but the clips are silent at the moment. Any suggestions on how to easily add narration to the  clips and/or program suggestions? I currently have a couple of programs that could capture a screencast, it just seems so awkward to do it that way.     


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    Audio and Video tracks are seperate in HitFilm. You can just play the video and record your narration while watching it (with, say, Audacity). Then drop the audio file into your timeline under the appropriate video clip. You would film the news desk portions last, introducing each clip and then transitioning into the clip with your pre-recorded narration.

    Let me know if I misunderstood something or if you would like more clarification.

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    You understood it just fine CepheidMedia, and I understand. Don't know why I was thinking I had to make it harder on myself by exporting then re-importing the clips (sigh) One of those days when the easy solution seems impossible to see :/


    Thank You

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    Precisely! Why can't hitfilm partner with Audacity? Why can't there be a way to do things that are possible in iMovie, also?

    Recording a narration is pretty basic and should not involve switching between various apps.

    I use Audacity to record my voice overs with a Rode microphone. You can check samples in the link below.




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    wow no onboard narration tool!

    now that's stone age.. Ill stick with iMovie for free and Final Cut Pro, and Active Presenter

    FX is basically a good video editing software that is served bareboned, and that can  become more expensive than any other movie editing software to open up all features.... not falling for it. i sometimes make a video in it and export, and then import to imovie to add narrative, but then think 'i could have just done this in imovie, or final cut pro.... no built in narrative tool is ridiculous! and thats why i am about to delete the software, because having to sit and watch the movie whilst narrating in a different software, instead of on the fly (i translate thai movies to english narratives, which requires a lot of editing on the fly and needs to be within the same software as the video editor). I usually these days if not use imovie on mac, and am on windows use active presenter which allows me to add a narrative to a video and edit it too, and its free. Which beats you hands down. Your efffects library and vast selection of tools is impressive, but its all too expensive.

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     @Ajarn To be fair, comparing HF to Final Cut is not particularly Apples to Apples.  HF is more of a compositing system that happens to come with a basic editor.   If you have been on the forum for a while you'll know there are plenty of suggestions on how to improve the editor.   In it's current form, it cannot compete head to head with Vegas, Final Cut or Premiere.    That said, over time there will be improvements.

    I purchased HF as a compositor, the editor was secondary.   But you can use the compositing features of HF with your commercial editor such as Edius, Vegas, Final Cut and Premiere.  More here:   There is also free version called Ignite Express.

    But to answer the question about narration, @CepheidMedia had the best answer.  Just record your narration in another tool while watching your video.   In fact, in all my years of editing I would always lay down the audio track first before going to edit.  A lot easier to time the edit that way.

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    @Stargazer I was about to reply earlier when I realized it was a thread from 2015 with a rant in 2017 and another in 2019.

    On the topic, I fully agree with you. I look at HitFilm as a compositing software primarily (and it's amazing the power of the Express version) and editor second.

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