New series

Hey all, I have this Idea of making a new film series called "Zombietag". I'll fill in most of the info gaps as I progress more. Until then could you guys give me some feedback as to what your thoughts might be on this subject? Thanks!


  • RodyPolis
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    Not really much feedback to give expect that Zombietag sounds a bit cheesy. Good luck with your project though!
  • Yeah, your right it does sound kinda cheap...
    Thanks for the feedback Rody! I'll look into the name :)
  • DanielMorgan
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    Im guessing its about zombies lol. Eh whats the general synopsis?
  • Froi
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    I'd say (for plot/location) an isolated house, with subtle changes which can freak people out, so it is more of a horror than super zombie massacre lol ;)
  • Actually I was going to base the story line on a theme/game (Zombie tag). The location of this would be in a forest-like environment surrounded by countless trees and brush. The Zombies would be the type of "undead" that are unnaturally fast and agile. I am also giving them the ability of super strength as well as speed (not too fast though :)). All of the shots will be filmed freehand, no tripod/monopod/stand is going to be used. This film series will take longer because the only VFX program that I have is Vision Lab. Its not that its a bad thing but the time of editing in V.L vs the time of Hitfilm is such a large error that just the mere thought of it overwhelms me (kinda :P). Oh well... Im gonna run/post a few tests here and there so as to keep you guys updated :D
  • Froi
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    If u have zombies jumping long distances (like in the time machine) I'd advice using the green screen, and masking to give it a shadow (for depth) (duplicate normal film layer, then colour grade, so it looks like it is all a shadow, then if you mask onto it, increase feathering, then it will look like a good shadow, I did I rough test with it on one of my videos :)) )
  • Thanks for the advice MrJ! I'll definitely look into it :) can i c your vid?