Introducing Red Giant Universe

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As a production company, Red Giant makes wonderful short films. As a software developer, Red Giant creates plugins that help you make wonderful short films. Those plugins are now available for HitFilm 3 Pro. Read more >>


  • lino1712
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    Whenever i try to install universe via Red Giant Link, it comes up No supported host applications detected. Are there any resolutions to this problem?

  • Same problem here, i can see all Universe FX in Premiere Pro but nothing comes up in Hitfilm 3

  • SimonKJones
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     After installing Link did you go to the Universe tab and sign in? Details here:

    If you still can't get them to show up let us know. 

  • Right just in case anyone has the same problem,
    instead of updating the universe plugin via Red Giant link,
    i've had to uninstall the old version of the plugin n install the new
    version 1.4 again.
    That way it has detected Hitfilm 3

  • Simon we were typing at same time ;)
    I already had Universe working for Premiere
    By the way Great News this Red Giant Universe support for Hitfilm

  • TommyCampbell
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    I so wish they would update trapcode  to work in HiFilm

  • CepheidMedia
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    Yeah it keeps saying it doesn't detect any host applications. HitFilm 3 Pro is currently installed on my D: drive (C: is my boot drive and has no space for programs) and Link automatically installs on my C: drive in Program Files (x86). I can't find a way to change this, as even though I changed some registry settings for default install locations, it still does this. Anyone know what to do?

  • Triem23
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    Haven't tried this myself, but anything extending Hitfilm functionality is a good thing. 

    @TommyCampbell that would be nice, since there are a few things you can do in Trapcode you can't do in Hitfilm's Particle Sim, but, conversely, Hitfilm's Particle Sim can do some things Trapcode can't. I guess that's balance? 

    General note for the forum: While this blog post is about Red Giant, and also mentions RE: Vision, most NewBlue plug-ins and transitions also work in Hitfilm 3 (except titler pro), so that's another option for adding power to our favorite compositor. 

  • Triem23
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    Hmmmm... Seems that the Red Giant Link has a few glitches...

    @KiKooVillage , for me Link recognized I was on an old version and it cheerfully updated itself. I think you had to do that manually?

    @CepheidMedia I didn't see a way to change Link's default install location, but I think you probably have to contact Red Giant about that. FxHome ain't responsible for how Red Giant's software or installers work. Of course, someone in this forum might figure out a solution to your issue. :-)

    @lino1712 I had no issues with the install--all was perfect. As I said to Cepheid, you may need to talk to Red Giant?

    @TommyCampbell I should have said this in my last post... Do you realize that if Red Giant upgraded Trapcode for Hitfilm we'd spend more on trapcode than on Hitfilm itself? I just think that's funny.

    @SimonKJones as you said in the video, one can never have too many plug-ins. For Vegas I saw little benefit to the free Universe plug-ins, but for Hitfilm--well Universe has an edge glow effect that's great for titles, and that's one Hitfilm is missing (Vegas has edge glows). Everything installed smoothly, and those are nestled between the NewBlue and presets. Now if we could just get Twixtor and BCC into Hitfilm, I'd have to go change my pants from joy.

  • @Triem23 my Red Giant link was installed with Premiere
    before installing Hitfilm, so in short after installing New Hitfilm 
    i had to unistall the Red Giant Link to re install 1.4 version to force it
    to detect New Host ... Hitfilm

  • __simon__
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    I get the no supported host applications as well. I don't have any other OpenFX plugins installed.

  • SimonKJones
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    The process I've used which has worked fine is:

    1. Install HitFilm 3 Pro.
    2. Register on the RG website and download the Link app.
    3. Install Link, then start it and login to the app.
    4. Go to the Universe tab and click 'Install'.
    5. After Universe has installed, launch HitFilm.

    I just tried uninstalling everything and installing from scratch and that procedure worked, so if you're having problems I'd suggest uninstalling HitFilm and Link, then following those steps.

    If you have continued problems let us know.

  • @Triem23 The same is already true for getting the full version of Mocha or the Sapphire plugins.

    I wonder what possibilities would open up if trapcode was used in a unified 3d space, rather than being treated as a 2d layer. Also would love to see the Magic Bullet and Effects Suites get OFXed and compatible with Hitfilm.

  • CepheidMedia
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    Are there any other free OpenFX things we can use in Hitfilm? I tried Googling some, but didn't find anything.

  • __simon__
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    Just incase anyone had the same problem as I did and gave up. I tried the install again about a week later and this time it worked. By install I mean I ran link and went to the universe tab and clicked install. I didn't uninstall/reinstall HitFilm or link. Nothing had changed on my PC other than rebooting it a few times. 

  • NullUnit
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    I installed it and everything worked ok on the first try.

    LIFE_LEADERSHIP Posts: 259 Enthusiast


    Does anyone know how the free trial works on the premium red giant plugins?  It seems after the free trial expired, as expected, the plugins don't work in hf3.  Does buying the premium package re activate the plugins I had installed or do I need to reinstall them?

    I haven't used all of them but they would be nice to have. The free ones are cool too. Thanks!



  • jsljustin
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    I got Red Giant universe running on Hitfilm no probs either - may have been fixed in a later iteration of Universe?

    My trial of universe premium expired, so all those plugins have a cross watermark now, but I am betting that purchasing a Universe premium membership (of any type) would reactivate them all without the need for a reinstall.. that's my guess..

    I know lots of others would like to see other plugins, particularly Red Giant plugins made into OFX versions / Hitfilm compatible and I second that too.. would love to see the Red Giant Effects Suite made compatible, instead of having to buy AE CC membership ..

  • Snosrap
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    Question - is there anyway to get the premium Red Giant plugins to not show up in Hitfilm3. I like and appreciate the free ones but as a hobbyist I can't justify the premium package. So can those be made not show up in Hiltfilm?


  • NormanPCN
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    I doubt it. Hitfilm does not know what is unlocked and what is watermarked. Hitfilm has no way to forcibly remove/hide any plug-in from the effects list.

  • SimonKJones
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    As Norman says, that's not something we have control over. All we can really do is import all compatible plugins, or none. (quick tip: Holding down Shift disables OpenFX, which can be useful if you think a plugin is misbehaving)