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Hi, I just downloaded the latest version of HF3, to give it a spin and I've run across the problem where I've taken a 15-second, MP4 clip and on the editing timeline, I added a 50% speed effect to it, and then dragged out the clip end to its new, longer length.

Next I wanted to remove just a portion of the clip in the middle, near the end, so I moved the cursor to the spot I wanted to remove and using the Cut function, I split the clip at the cursor.

After doing that, the tail end of the clip became all black and the remaining portion of the video was gone?

The cut works fine if the clip doesn't have slomo placed onto it.




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    Bit curious here, how are you able to drag out a clip beyond it's original length? Just tried that, and both in editor mode and in a composite shot I can't drag out the end of the clip to a lenght longer than the original clip, even with the speed effect applied. This is expected behavior though, so I'm wondering what's happening here.

    Anyways the way I'd go about this (which might solve your problem as well) is to embed the clip in another composite shot that is twice the length of the clip. Then place that composite shot where you want you clip, and place the speed effect on that.

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