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    Really really fun piece. Effects were well done but so were the beats for the action and comedy (The "YOU... KILL...I?"  delivery gave me a pretty good chuckle). I love the feel of this piece- makes me feel wonder and kinda geek out at the same time.  Good find!

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    Enjoyed it - nice job!

  • KirstieT
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    How did this escape my attention? That was brilliant!
    Loved the ET music in the background when the little alien appears - just loud enough for my subconscious to notice it by the second time around :)
    As @ZedFable said, the comedic timing was great and the camera work was really good too. 
    Specifically liked the bit where he got bashed with the staff and a beat later he was sitting in the fireplace. Saved a lot of time there by just using a clever edit rather than hardcore VFX work to get him flying across the room. 

    Nice find @StephenBilderwelt!