Cook it Now with the Cookinator Season 2 and Hitfilm 3 Pro

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I have just begun Season 2 of my parody styled cooking web series "Cook it Now with the Cookinator " Now Hitfilm 3 Pro has become an essential tool in my work flow and I plan to post and update as my episodes progress and things I hopefully learn with Hitfilm 3 Pro.

Cook it Now!: S2 Ep01 "PanCakes"

This First episode I did a lot of color grading and preset fx to give the right look to my scenes,  all my HUD displays where done in Hitfilm and also my opening titles. I even assembled a lot of my final shots including adding sound FX music just because it speed the process up. I do wish Hitfilm had some simple EQ fx for audio but still the tool allowed me work quicker than previously exporting and going into an editor. This time I was able to adjust FX right to the last minute depending on how I saw the overall video.

Upcoming Episodes will feature some Ghostbusters parodies and Mortal Kombat gaming parody although I have no idea how to achieve that animation look from MK3. But my series is as much a learning process as a production.  Hence although I would like more views, I enjoy what I do and what I do is create!

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