Trouble with PNG Importing

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Hi, I just got a copy of Hitfilm 2 Ultimate with my purchase of Sony Vegas Pro Suite 12, and am trying to learn all the tricks! I animate mostly 2D things, but sometimes I like to add effects between the background and a character, hence my messing with Hitfilm.

I use PNG images for both character and background layers, so I can have the transparency around the character / not mess with JPEG stuff.

Recently, when I imported the character PNG into Hitfilm, it told me that the "Media is Offline" and refused to show me a preview of the image. I tried both importing it from Vegas and importing it directly while Vegas was closed. The image had not been renamed, moved, or otherwise tampered with since its creation.

I had to resort to chroma key tricks and working with my messed up AVI files (they NEVER turn out right) to get a lame version of the effect I was hoping for!

In short, how on earth do I get my PNG's to import correctly?