Motion tracking using Hitfilm 2 Express

Hello. I've successfully used motion tracking to attach a text layer to a moving point on a movie clip. However, I would like to use a graphic instead of the text layer. When I try and apply the tracker to a layer containing a graphic (a small .jpg) I get an empty frame that moves with the track. I've tried various methods but to no avail. Is what I want possible using HitFilm 2 Express or is it only possible with HitFilm 2 Ultimate?


  • SimonKJones
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    edited February 2015

    I'm not entirely sure what's happening there, but it sounds like the tracking data is causing the graphic to go off screen.

    When using tracking data, the best workflow is actually to use point layers. This provides you with much more flexibility and control.


    1. Track your feature.
    2. Create a new point layer.
    3. Apply the tracking data to the point layer.
    4. Parent your layers (eg text, your image etc) to the point layer. They will then inherit the point's transform values.

    This means you can apply additional transformation to the main layer if you want, and they'll still follow the point. You can also easily have multiple layers parented to the same point.

  • Jackd
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    Thank you Simon. I discovered what I was doing wrong. I was dragging my graphic below the clip composite. I moved it above and got it to appear. I take your point about parenting it to a point layer and will adopt that in my workflow. Thanks for giving me the nudge that I needed to solve the problem.