HitFilm 3 crashing while drawing and editing masks

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I have had many crashes while I am editing masks. I have sent the "crash report" to you in most cases. There has been many more crashes since I upgraded to 3, and I have used the software since it was called "Composite Lab". My computer :

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Intel Core i7 4930K (6x 3.4GHz)

64 GB DDR3 2400 MHz

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 OC - 3GB GDDR5

SSD 500GB Samsung 840 EVO

Seagate 4TB, Barracuda

Is this problem maybe related to the graphics card?


  • Lars_HLars_H Website User Posts: 78 Enthusiast

    I forgot to mention the fileformats: 


    Quicktime Animation or 

    Uncompressed AVI

    all of them  25 fr 1920x1080 p and rendered in Vegas Pro 13.

  • Lars_HLars_H Website User Posts: 78 Enthusiast

    Forgot one more thing. The most recent crashes happened when I used JPGs and PNG stills , not in combination with any video at all.

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    Your system seems fine, quite powerful, so that itself should not be the problem. I see that the GPU is overclocked though - did you do any manual overclocking? If yes, try to temporarily disable that, as it might be causing errors. Have you had problems in any other software that uses the gpu heavily, e.g. games, gpu-accelerated 3D modelling software or the likes?

    I don't see any other obvious reason why this could be happening, so if that is not the problem it might be a good idea to let the hitfilm team have a look at it, best through a support ticket.

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    The GPU came overclocked from the factory so I have not done anything to change that. I use the GPU acceleration in Vegas without any problems. I don't play games and I have not yet used Mocha Pro so much though I have the full version.

  • RobinRobin Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,671 Enthusiast

    Hm, okay. Are your gpu drivers up to date? Any unusual programs running in the background that could interfere?

  • Lars_HLars_H Website User Posts: 78 Enthusiast

    I have the latest drivers installed and no unusual programs running as I can see.  Usually Vegas Pro 13 and sometimes also Corel Paintshop Pro X6 are open when i work in HitFilm.

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    Well, no luck here either. That's definitely a case for the staff, I can't think of something else here.

  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff Administrator, Moderator, Website User Posts: 1,058 Staff
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    We'll get one of the support staff to respond to you asap @Lars_H, so that we can find out what's happening here :) Thanks @Robin for your input here!

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    Sorry you are having issues with the software, I have received your error reports & a couple of things stand out for me.

    1) Your drivers are slightly out of date, as the 7 series is a relatively new card it's not blessed with the driver maturity of some of the the earlier Nvidia series. Your driver is from late 2014, the latest driver for your system is from February 2015.  So I would suggest updating to the latest driver which I have linked to below:

    Nvidia Driver for GTX 780

    2) This is possibly not at all related to the problem, but your system has recorded a crash when running the dxdiag report, which possibly points to some system instability. This could be absolutely nothing, but maybe if you have any 3rd party devices attached, maybe try removing them. Or checking other drivers for your system are up to date?


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