Two questions about 3D models in Hitfilm

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Hey folks, two questions about models in HitFilm.

1) If the model came with different formats, such as Obj and 3DS, are there any advantages  to using one format over the others?

2) if you wanted to put a image or video on one of the flat surfaces of a model, what is the best way to go about it?

I was hoping projection would work for 2, but it seems to treat the whole model as a plane.  The only thing that's come to mind so far is either use a plane (or the image/video layer itself), and line it up as best as possible and parent it to the model. This works, but can be a pain to get lined up correctly.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions,



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    I am a Necrothread-Mancer and I a reviving this thread... I must know the answers to the questions above!

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    @rgbii - This poor thread must have gotten buried! Maybe a lot of entries that day which drove it down the list.

    As to 1- I don't think there's any advantage over 3DS and Obj other than 3DS models tend to be smaller files.

    I'm not exactly sure about 2. The best way, although it be kind of a pain, is the way you suggested with parenting the video to the model. Someone may have another idea but it escapes me.

    Apologies for no one catching this earlier.

    @TriFlixFilms- Soooooo, you're a Necrothread-Mancer, eh? *beep beep* "Hello?" ..........................."Yes."........................"Yes, as a matter of fact he's right here."......................"TriFlixFilms, Riddick on the line for you, sir."