Particle simulator turning cone like a hurricane

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How to turn the Particle like a hurricane?

i see in the presets the Tornado thing, but when i make it new with particle simulator, its not possible to turn the particle-cone like a tornado.

when turning "Trajectory rotation(x) at 360° i see it turning, but when i make keyframes "0°" to "360°" and press play, nothing is turning.


what i make wrong?

sorry for my english



  • rgbii
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    Under 'Movement', the Tornado preset is using 'Rotation Per Second (Y)' to add the spin.

  • chriguf
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    thank your for answer..

    i chance every "movement"-rotation, but nothing  spin in active view..

    when i rotate the emiter/shape (x,y,z) manually with the mouse, they work fine, when i set a keyframe ex. 0-720° and press  play... no spin, no tornado effect...


  • chriguf
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    now. i do the same like tornado... two different particlesimulator,  step by step, with the same setting.. the tornado spin, my copy not spin. awesome


  • Robin
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    Oh yes, I remember trying to tear the tornado apart myself back in HitFilm 1, I think... Had me busy a couple of hours till I found out how to do it. It's a tricky setup and I don't know if I recall it right, but I think the solution was something like offsetting the individual particle's center of mass, and then make them rotate. That way the particles appear offset from the center, but their center of rotation matches with the center of the tornado. Try to do that, if it doesn't work I can check back later when I'm at home again.

  • Triem23
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    When I do tornadoes, I turn up "Attachment to emitter" to a high value and rotate the emitter. 

  • chriguf
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    thx.. turn up attachment to emitter (you meen align to motion?)  an rotate the emitter... its the same... when i increase or decrease with the mouse, i see the spin, when i make keyframes... nothing spin.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Align to Motion is a different thing than Attachment to Emitter. 

    Emitters> Emitter > Particle Systems > Particle System > General > Emitter Attachment is the control Triem23 is referring to.

    Align To Motion is in the Appearance controls, and is a control to adjust the direction the textures are facing, and has nothing to do with controlling the movement of the particles, only what they look like.

    The tornado effect has two Particle Systems in it: Fast and Slow.  In each one, the rotation is controlled by the Rotation Per Second (Y) property, in the Movement Controls, and by the Center Of Mass control in the Movement Variation.