Surround Sound


Bought Hitfilm recently and I am not sure if I am missing it or if Hitfilm does not support it, but can one work with surround audio?

It also does not seem as if Hitfilm supports export of XML or OMF.

Will such support be added in future?




  • Robin
    Robin Website User Posts: 1,669 Enthusiast

    HitFilm has very limited audio features at the time, and surround audio is not one of them, and neither are xml or omf export. The HitFilm team is always open for suggestions, so it's always worth mentioning your suggestions in the official wishlist thread. The more demand the more likely it is that those will be implemented in the near future ;)

  • dancerchris
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    Sony Vegas Pro has very good surround sound support (it was originally a DAW) and is a good match with HitFilm.